What Is Audiense?

Are you planning to start a business? Or already started, but don’t know what to sell, who to sell, how to deal? How to engage with your target audience? How to plan strategies surrounding your audience? Have problems segmenting your audience? Or is it getting difficult to find out everything about your audience?

Well, BILVR is here to solve all of your problems. Yes, we are here with the answers to all of the questions above and understanding your audience.

If you are facing the same issues, then the solution to your problem is Audiense. Audiense is one of the best tools in the market for understanding your audience in your business. Best social media marketing platform, using what you can find out how to engage with the people based on what they say, think, and who they are. And this will help you to create strategic marketing plans.

For Whom Is Audiense?

1. Small Businesses 2. Mid-Size Businesses 3. Large Businesses

Top 10 Features Of Audiense

1. Reports and Dashboards 2. Social Analytics 3. Audience Insights, Segmentation, Buyer Personas, Influencer Identification 4. Data Analysis 5. Administration 6. Trend Analysis 7. Keyword Filtering 8. Competitor Monitoring 9. Engagement Tracking 10. Sentiment Analysis

Does Audiense Offer Free Plan/Free Trial?

Yes, Audiense offers a free plan but no free trial.

Pricing For Audiense?

Pricing for Audiense starts at $39 a month, which is affordable. Less than its competitors.

Pros and Cons of Audiense

  • The ability to tell when to tweet. It reveals how to increase engagement with those audiences when you are tweeting.
  • Audiense gives you detailed and deep insights into your audiences.
  • It helps you identify the best influencers and audiences to create the best strategic plan.
  • The social community management service is just fantastic.
  • The analytic reports that Audiense provides are very detailed and to the point.
  • The interface of Audiense is very user-friendly.
  • Audiense identifies and understands the competitor’s followers and their Twitter strategy.
  • There is no mobile app yet, but Audiense always comes with new updates regularly so we might get the good news soon.
  • People love it so much that they want Audiense to integrate with all the other social media channels.
  • A bit expensive, but the service it provides is worth it.

Editor’s Recommendation

We highly recommend you to use Audiense because it provides quality service within a reasonable budget. We have observed that there are not many tools available in the market like Audiense, So, Audiense is just perfect and everything that someone needs for growing their business.

We have seen many businesses using Audiense, and when we asked them about their feedback about Audiense, they said they are loving it so much and recommending others.

If you are looking for a tool that can tell you everything about your audiences and how to engage with them, the Audiense is what you need.

"Audiense" is just perfect and everything that someone needs for growing their business.

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