Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

 What Is Campaign Monitor?

When competition is growing in all sectors of the digital world, email marketing is not behind in the race. The email marketing sector has become very competitive in the last ten years.

And in this competition of email marketing tools, here comes the Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor is acknowledged as one of the simplest yet powerful tools for email marketing and automation.

The features of Campaign Monitor are different from the rest of the competitors in the market. The features, services, quality of the tool are all easy to understand or what we can call is straightforward.

The output given by Campaign Monitor is genuinely aesthetic, beautiful, and full of individuality. One does not need any technical expertise for using a tool called Campaign Monitor.

So if you have been struggling with email marketing, then Campaign Monitor is the best solution for you.

For Whom Is Campaign Monitor For?

Campaign Monitor is typically for four types of customers or users, such as-

  1. Bloggers
  2. Small Businesses
  3. Mid Size Businesses and
  4. Large Enterprises

Any businesses and customers who need email marketing can blindly trust Campaign Monitor with their services.

Top 10 Features of Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitors have many features like email marketing, marketing automation, analytics, apps and integrations, and signup forms.

But we highlight the top ten features only such as-

  1. Email and Mobile Preview
  2. Manage Email Lists
  3. High-Volume Sending
  4. Building and Personalizing Emails
  5. Sending Outbound Emails
  6. Manage Email Deliverability
  7. Automated Email Responses
  8. A/B Testing
  9. Dynamic Content
  10. Data Import & Export Tools

These are the top ten highlighted features of Campaign Monitor.

Does Campaign Monitor Offer Free Plan/ Free trial?

Campaign Monitor does not offer any free plan, but they have the option of a free trial. If you want to use Campaign Monitor, then you will get a free trial.

You can create an account for free in Campaign Monitor and check out all of their features for as long as you want. No payment details are needed in the free account of Campaign Monitor.

You can check, test, and analyze all the paid version features, but you can only send emails to five people.

Campaign Monitor will ask you to upgrade to the paid version if you try to send emails to more than five people or if you want to send transactional emails or journeys.


Pricing for Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is somewhat expensive for what it does, yet the organization makes tracking down your proper value range genuinely simple. A slider on its beautiful website allows you to show the number of contacts you expect to have. Slide over to the appropriate number, and you’ll consequently get the essential cost and plan.

There are three sorts of Campaign Monitor pricing plans known as Basic, Unlimited, and Premier. And each of the three of these plans permits you to-

  • utilize template library and drag and drop email builder to create valuable and beautiful messages
  • hosting mailing list and sending messages to it
  • access details on the exhibition of your mail outs
  • Customer support via email.

The Basic plan of Campaign Monitor starts at 9 USD a month. The Unlimited plan of Campaign Monitor starts at 29 USD a month, and the Premier plan starts at 149 USD a month.

Those with 500 email addresses can only use it at the beginning prices, and as the scales keep growing, so will the costs in each plan.

Compared to the competitors of Campaign Monitor, it is a bit expensive. But quality service is the top priority for Campaign Monitor, so they set the prices according to this.

Pros and Cons of Campaign Monitor


  • Campaign Monitor is straightforward to use, and people do not need any technical skills for operating it.
  • The interface is so simple and artistic.
  • The designs of the templates that they provide are fabulous.
  • The options of segmentation in Campaign Monitor are very flexible.
  • The automation features are satisfying in simple explanation.
  • The customer support of Campaign Monitor is beneficial and significant.


  • Campaign Monitor is costly, which is disappointing to many people.
  • No free plan is available in Campaign Monitor.
  • Customer support is available only via email in Campaign Monitor, with no live chats or phone calls.

Editor’s Recommendation

We examined Campaign Monitor and observed that they might be a bit more pricey than the rest of the email marketing tools in the market, but it is worth what you will pay.

The features and the extraordinary way of presentation of Campaign Monitor are genuinely brilliant. If we are asked whether they are doing justice to the users, we will say yes, Campaign Monitor is doing justice to the clients.

For creating value-added, good-looking emails, and working super efficiently, Campaign Monitor is the best tool.

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