What is Cleverly

Cleverly is a digital agency dedicated to providing customers with a huge internet presence for clients. It sends proven, customized messages to your dream clients via LinkedIn with data from hundreds of outbound B2B campaigns, which provides direct positive answers to your inbox. In this situation, the production and automation of LinkedIn is currently a popular market. For professional entrepreneurs, LinkedIn search makes it easier for them to use filters such as the size, location, etc to target their real customers.

Who is Cleverly for?

  1. Software Companies
  2. Creative Firms
  3. e-Learning
  4. HR Consultant
  5. Legal Service
  6. Real Estate
  7. Creative Firms
  8. Others

Top 10 Features of Cleverly

  1. Prospect list building
  2. A/B tested copywriting
  3. Personalized outreach
  4. Data-driven strategy
  5. Concentrate on high-value sales with qualified leads.
  6. Increase efficiency while delivering qualified management and return on investment
  7. The White Label Lead Generation services provide B2B customers’ results.
  8. Cleverly provides LinkedIn customized lists of ideal customer perspectives
  9. Sending custom messages every month
  10. Others

Why do you need Cleverly?

• The White Label Lead Generation services can be the perfect addition to your present services to provide you with B2B customers’ results so that you can retain their monthly payment. You may also utilize Cleverly to reach your own agency/consultancy, which will take you to customers who can be designated white.

• LeadCookie works to optimize your profile, with specific care paid to the tagline of your profile as well as the message sent to your targeted prospects. It avoids making a direct sales pitch in favor of providing high-quality, helpful material. Profile visits rise, and business rises with them.

• PerfectBoom generates LinkedIn leads using a variety of marketing and social selling strategies, ensuring that businesses achieve results in the most efficient way possible. When employing their services, you have a variety of alternatives, such as a private coaching session so that your sales and marketing teams can improve your profile in-house, or signing up for a long-term lead generating plan.

• It saves your money and makes you profitable.


Does Cleverly Offer Free Plan/ Free trial?

No, they don’t offer a free plan/trial.

Pricing for Cleverly

Cleverly’s primary lead generating services are broken down as follows:

Every month, 500-600 prospects are generated.
–Platinum ($497 per month) is the most expensive option
–Gold ($397 per month) is the most expensive option.

Every month, 800-900 prospects are generated
–Silver ($297 per month) is the most expensive option.

Every month, 200-300 prospects are generated.
Cleverly additionally provides additional services such as:
–Profile Optimization is a one-time fee of $499.
–LinkedIn Candidate Recruiting as a Service ($297 per month)

Job Seeking on LinkedIn ($297 per month)
–Cleverly’s platform may also be “white-labeled” and offered as your own service by paying an additional monthly charge to add your logo and branding.
–($397 per month) is for the white-label Gold products.
Platinum White Label ($497 per month)

Pros and Cons of Cleverly


  • This firm is a fantastic lead generation and SEO resource.
  • Obtaining excellent connection responses as well as the precisely targeted connections
  • A fantastic platform for automatically generating new connections and starting a discussion.
  • Cleverly was an excellent instrument to recruit a new employee. With this technology hiring and interviewing have become very much easy.
  • Good at returning calls and making campaign modifications.


  • Cleverly provides monthly contracts so that you don’t have long-stay obligations.
  • Cleverly has a LinkedIn corporate page, but does not have a good social media presence.
  • Cleverly’s website offers a few video reviews
  • Cleverly does not have artificial intelligence built-in to detect good and negative responses to your communications.


Editor’s Recommendation

The initiatives of Cleverly promoted nearly immediate growth in leadership and interest. The group is attentive and ready to teach its customers effective approaches and strategies. They give careful feedback and realistic ideas that make them a good choice for the customer. Cleverly attracts customers by offering low fees and automating the distribution of connection invites and communications. Cleverly’s website contains several great case studies as well as lots of good feedback. So visit their website and choose the best plan for your business.

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