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7 reasons why should you hire a developer from Upstack

by Editorial Staff

What is UpStack

Upstack is a platform consisting of a well-qualified team of the world’s most talented software developers who work remotely. Startups and fast-growing tech companies can hire skillful developers locally and overseas with the help of Upstack.

Upstack hunts down talented developers worldwide and selects only the top 1% of developers. Some of Upstack’s developers’ services include web development, mobile app development, Metabase, and more.

Upstack developers are of senior level and have at least three years of experience in the software development and tech field. Developers are carefully selected after a 7 step hiring process.

It is safe to say the quality of work they offer is unmatched. The developers are also knowledgeable in all coding languages and have sufficient experience to provide companies with high-quality output.

Upstack is relatively easy to use and helps companies find developers best suited for it. Upon creating an account on Upstack, users will be asked about the skills they are looking for in their preferred developers.

Then, Upstack will provide them with a list of candidates that Upstack thinks would be a good match.

The developers’ profiles contain all the necessary information and resemble a resume. Users can find developers according to their needs hassle-free and without wasting a lot of time finding developers that may not even be the right fit.

For Whom Is Upstack?


  • Startups
  • Financial organizations
  • Media agencies
  • Sales/Marketing agencies
  • Tech companies

Core Features of Upstack


● It Makes A Personalized List For Recruiters

Upstack provides its users with a personalized list of candidates that match the company’s requirements.

● It Only Hires Top 1% Of Developers

Unlike many freelance platforms, Upstack offers quality over quantity. The developers have to undergo a strict selection process to work as a developer for Upstack. Only the best developers are selected, which ensures top-quality work.

● Developers Know Different Types Of Coding Languages

Upstack is not only limited to one or two types of coding languages. Their developers have experience in multiple coding languages such as python, JAVA, PHP, and tons more.

● It Offers A 14-Day Free Trial After Selecting A Developer

Users do not have to be committed to the first person they choose as a developer. They can observe the work for 14 days before finalizing the deal.

Suppose you do not prefer the outcome of your selected candidate. In that case, Upstack will provide you with a new list of candidates.

● The Selection Process Is Fast

Upstack finds the most suitable candidates for companies within three days. The fast procedure of finding eligible candidates saves recruiters the immense pressure of going through tons of different resumes and trying to find a good fit for the role.

Does Upstack Offer a Free Trial?


After selecting a developer, the user has to pay a deposit fee of $399. Then, they will be offered a two weeks free trial with the chosen candidate to observe their work and decide whether they fulfill all the requirements.

Upstack will cover the replacement cost if the selected candidate does not cater to the recruiter’s needs and starts finding another candidate immediately.

However, to avail of the 14-day free trial period, users must pay the deposit fee, which concludes that Upstack does not offer free plans.

7 reasons why should you hire a developer from UpStack

Reason #1
Upstack's selection process is highly competitive. Only truly talented and experienced developers are selected.
Reason #2
Upstack developers have worked with reputable and leading companies in the past, such as McDonald's and Toyota.
Reason #3
The developers are efficient and provide exceptional and high-quality output.
Reason #4
Companies can find talented developers from around the globe without having to search for themselves.
Reason #5
Upstack’s account management team and customer support are very helpful.
Reason #6
It is a time-saving way to find the best software developers.
Reason #7
You can try 14-day free trial before finalizing the contract

Conclusion of hiring a full-stack developer from Upstack


Upstack is a beneficial platform with a team of some of the world’s best developers. It is unparalleled to any other freelance platform as its developers are on the top.

However, it might be more expensive, but if one expects high-quality work from talented and experienced developers, every penny invested is worth it.

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