What Is InVideo?

We all know that when someone wants to create an engaging business online, they choose video content for sharing their messages to the audience. So are you also planning to create a business where you will be connecting with your audiences by sharing videos?

Moreover, do you want to share videos where you don’t have to show your face? Because today we will be introducing you to the best video-making tool in the market. The tool has 4000+ templates for making videos.

The tool is none other than InVideo. Yes, InVideo is the tool that’s undoubtedly going to save your time and your life. Keep on reading to know the details about InVideo.

InVideo is known as the best video management software in the market. Users of InVideo are genuinely obsessed with it.

For Whom Is InVideo?

1. Small Businesses
2. Mid Size Businesses
3. Large Businesses

Top 10 Features Of InVideo

1. Collaboration
2. Social Sharing
3. Audio Tools
4. Brand Overlay
5. Media Library
6. Video Speed Controller
7. Customizable
8. Merge Video
9. Supports HD Resolution
10. Text to Video

These are only the top 10 features of InVideo, but not the least. InVideo has loads of exciting and unique features.

Does InVideo Offer a Free Plan/Free Trial?

Yes, InVideo offers a free plan, plus they also provide free trials of seven days.

Pricing For InVideo

1. The Free Forever Plan
2. The Business Plan, costs $15 USD a month.
3. The Unlimited Plan, costs $30 USD a month.

Pros and Cons of InVideo


  • InVideo is an enjoyable software, and if you like being creative and working with videos, you would love it very much.
  • InVideo’s customer support is the best.
  • Their quality can not be compared with any other video management software in the market.
  • According to the users, InVideo is very easy to use. The interface is self-explanatory.
  • You can easily customize the 4000+ templates that they provide.
  • The voiceover feature means the text to video feature is outstanding, very realistic. There are many different languages and accents.
  • You can quickly generate videos from texts or blogs by copy-pasting them.


  • You will be sitting idle all day. Why? Because the most significant pressure of making videos will be gone from your shoulders as you will be using InVideo for making your videos.
  • The best stock footage and images are for the higher premium plans. But you tell yourself, they have been providing so much quality stuff for almost free, isn’t it a bit fair to charge little for some features?

Editor’s Recommendation

After our thorough research, we highly recommend you to use InVideo. Because it is highly budget-friendly and provides quality service, we observed that all the other video management software in the market charge high prices and lack many features. But InVideo is a tool, which is perfect.

We have seen many businesses using InVideo, and when we asked them about their feedback, they said they are in love with it.

So, if you are looking for the best video management software, then go for InVideo. And we bet that you won’t regret using InVideo.

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