Omnisend review

What is Omnisend?

Omnisend is a complete automated Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based email, and SMS marketing tool designed for growth-oriented automation eCommerce companies. Convert people to clients, generate customized emails and automate your email marketing in minutes. To generate hyper-targeted, relevant e-mail communications use intelligent segmenting to earn more income. Creating wonderful email campaigns is easier than ever with the email marketing tool Omnisend. Create your list of subscribers with a choice of login forms and deliver user-friendly newsletters. You may customize your message to your consumer information, campaign engagement, and purchasing behavior by using Omnisend’s smart automation.

Omnisend is a drag-and-drop visual composer for emails as well as email capture capabilities (popups, landing pages) to help you grow your client base. Create sophisticated automation processes and tailor your messaging depending on consumer data, campaign engagement, and shopping behavior using automation capabilities. Omnisend well integrates with the main eCommerce systems such as WordPress, Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Woocommerce.

Who is Omnisend for?

  • eCommerce brand owners
  • Agencies
  • Digital Marketer
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneur

Top Features of Omnisend

• Email & Online Marketing Features • Discount Coupons
• Dynamic content • Advanced Segmentation
• Ability to test dynamic content • Campaign Booster
• Landing pages • Automated
• A/B testing • Email Templates
• Mobile optimization • Signup Box
• Email deliverability reporting • Popups
• List management • Wheel of Fortune
• Triggered drip sequences • Advanced Reporting
• Product Pick • Email A/B Testing
• Reporting & Analytics Features • Standard reports
• Link Tracking • Custom reports
• Image Validation • Inbox Display

Why do you need Omnisend?

  • With perfect sets of pleasant emails, you can welcome new subscribers and turn them into purchases.
  • Reach customers who have seen products but without purchasing your online business.
  • Use pre-built series with automated emails & SMS messages to recover more abandoned carts.
  • Send your clients an SMS order confirmation or an email with a receipt after purchase confirmation.
  • Smile heartily and let your customers know that their order is on the way.
  • Increase sales by recommending more products based on your customers’ prior orders.
  • Within a single process, customize your unique offers and incentives for numerous individual message pathways.
  • Test for your channels, incentives, or subject lines – and make decisions that focus on data to enhance workflows.
  • Test for more conversions.

Does Omnisend Offer Free Plan/ Free trial?

Yes, Omnisend has a free version/trial

Pricing for Omnisend

Standard plan:

15000 emails per month, 0 – 500 subscribers: $16,501 – 1000 monthly members, 15000 emails: $20 1001 – 1500 members each month,

18000 emails: $25 1501 – 2000 monthly subscribers, 24000 emails: $30,001 – 2500 members, 30000 monthly emails: $36 Pro plan: Starts at $99 per month, depending on the size of your subscriber list.

Plan of action for the business:

For further information about customized pricing, contact Omnisend.

Pros and Cons of Omnisend

  • Improves open and click rates by providing a campaign booster.
  • Customer feedback after selling SMS automation is integrated.
  • The usage of pre-built marketing automation workflows reduces manual duties.
  • It is extremely easy to change and view the sequence like the automation of a drag and drop and workflow editing.
  • Whenever someone visits the online shop, Omnisend takes notes and provides them with contact information as well as additional information that is customizable.
  • It offers segmentation, retention metrics, lifecycle phases, etc of customers.
  • It provides the template of Email content.
  • slight lack of clear information or explanation
  • There are huge templates and campaigns, but sometimes customers want more

Editor’s Recommendation

Omnisend’s free plan allows for an infinite number of contacts however, most other services have a restriction unless you pay for a premium membership. Also, 2000 emails are sent once linked to your website. You can take support from both live chat and email support. So without any further delay, you can start your free trial today.

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