ProWritingAid is the first name that needs to mention when it comes to a trustworthy online grammar checker. ProWritingAid is a premium grammar checker and style editor for bloggers, novelists, and business writers. This editing program assists users in removing mistakes, optimizing word choice, and quickly correcting grammar and punctuation.
The tool intends to assist you in improving your writing skills. ProWritingAid works with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and most online browsers, plus you can use their Windows Desktop App. It has a web-based editor to upload your documents.
ProWritingAid is the only platform offering world-class grammar and style control with more thorough reports that enhance your writing. ProWritingAid’s unique mix of ideas, articles, videos, and questionnaires makes writing enjoyable and engaging.

Who needs ProwritingAid

  • Bloggers
  • Content Writers
  • Students
  •  Business Writers
  •  Fiction/Nonfiction Authors
  •  Others

Top Features of ProwritingAid

  • In less time, you’ll be able to write better.
    With 1000s of grammatical, spelling, and readability corrections given in real-time as you write, you can enhance your writing fast and effectively.
  • 20 In-Depth Reports on Writing Beyond the Basics of Grammar
    More writing reports have been generated by ProWritingAid than by any other editing program. Repetitiveness, ambiguous phrasing, phrase length fluctuation, over-reliance on adverbs, passive voice, overly complicated sentence structures, and other issues are highlighted.
  •  Enhance the quality and style of your writing
    It needs more than perfect grammar to write well. Style recommendations help you write with more strength and clarity.
  •  When You Edit, You can learn.
    Suggestions, explanations, videos, and quizzes in the app help you improve your writing abilities as you write.
  • Get Rid of Embarrassing Mistake.

Nothing erodes a writer’s credibility more quickly than spelling and grammatical errors. Clean, error-free writing should submit.

  •  Look for the Right Words
    Their contextual thesaurus and Word Explorer can assist you in finding the right words.
  •  Time saves when integrations are better.
    ProwritingAid works seamlessly with Microsoft Word/Outlook, Google Docs, Scrivener, Open Office, and Final Draft, allowing you to edit wherever you are writing.
    Their Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browser extensions allow you to verify your work on nearly any website, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Medium, Wattpad, etc.

Does ProwritingAid offer a free plan/trial?

Yes, the ProwritingAid app offers a free plan/offer.

Pricing of ProwritingAid

Monthly Subscription
$20/per month
Yearly Subscription
$6.58 a month
67% saving
One-time payment
Includes all updates

Why do you need ProwritingAid

  • ProWritingAid is a trustworthy and accurate grammar and spelling checker. It can be used by anybody to enhance their writing and discover and correct errors
  • ProWritingAid works for things like broken sentences and dialogue, for authors of fiction. It works like a writer and analyzes the finest of your genre’s writers.
  • ProWritingAid’s free edition includes 22 reports that are sufficient for the daily author
  • ProWritingAid can open and check documents of any size, such as your book at once.
  • It has the capacity to evaluate the readability, passive voice of a written work for clichés is beneficial for authors aiming to produce more stories.
  • The premium version of this app provides a plagiarism checker, a feature that will appeal to students and nonfiction writers.
  • ProwritingAid is 100% secured. It does not record or save content for its purpose. Your work may thus not in any manner be robbed or plagiarised.

Pros & Cons of ProwritingAid



  • ProwritingAid has a Chrome extension. It can check the grammar of your blog, email, social media post.
  • ProwritingAid gives a 14-day risk-free refund. The great feature plagariasm checker is available only for the premium versions.
  • It provides more accurate suggestions than other grammar checker tool Free version has limited features.
  • A variety of online writing tools, including Google Docs, Scrivener, and word processors can be used with ProwritingAid
  • A safe plagariasm checker tool
  • The price of ProwritingAid is cheaper than other grammar checkers.


  • It integrates with many devices but it has no MAC integration.


Editor’s recommendation

ProWritingAid highlights more possible errors than we can detect in a single pass, leaving time to focus on the style and logic side of things. If you know anything about the English language and vocabulary, you’ll have no trouble navigating the options and understanding how things operate. Their customer service was outstanding. So, in our point of view, it would be better than other grammar checker tools for anyone.

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