Publer vs Hootsuite – Which Is Better

by Editorial Staff

In today’s booming digital world, you may be promoting your business online. But, yes, promoting your business online can be a massive amount of tasks. You are posting content here and there, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and lots more. And choosing which social media management software to use is the hardest.

Today, we are here to make the game easy for you. We picked up the two best social media management tools for you and are here to help you choose which one is better for you and your business. So, let’s see which one is better, Publer vs Hootsuite.

publer vs hootsuite


What is Publer?

Publer claimed itself to be the superhero in the world of social media management software. Well, soon we are going to show you why. This social media management tool lets you collaborate, schedule, and analyze all the content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, then Google My Business, and more.

The tool has a fantastic auto-scheduling function; with its help, you can automate the process of bulk posting across all the social media channels. Moreover, the best part of Publer is that the tool automatically means to watermark every content you share naturally.
The software also automatically does other exciting things, like location tagging, shortening URL links, and loads more cool stuff. Plus, you can also see the analytics using Publer. We will tell you everything in detail. Keep on reading.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is now another top-demanding social media management tool. This tool helps businesses with marketing campaigns. The most helpful function is that the tool can identify and grow the audience of a company and can send targeted messages across all the social media channels.

Our analysis observed that Hootsuite focuses more on the inner details that a business needs for marketing. Let that business be small or large. It has all those features of Publer, like posting bulk content around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the social media channels. But, including all those, Hootsuite targets communications with customers and robust analytics for showing the business what is trending and working for them.

Now that you know the basic things about both the social media management tool, it is time to understand better between Publer and Hootsuite.

Comparisons Between Publer and Hootsuite

Let Us See The Features of Publer vs Hootsuite

There are many exciting features in Publer. Publer is purely a social media management tool. The primary and focused features it holds are automated publishing of content, and tools for collaboration between apps. Content Management is very quickly done via Publer. It also has multi-account management features, which is a lifesaver for many business owners.
The social media monitoring service is excellent. You can easily schedule posts using it in bulk. And another lifesaver feature is the reporting, or what we also call analytics.
These are the main basic features of Publer.

When we are talking about features, well, for Hootsuite, you will go crazy. Why? Keep on reading then.

Hootsuite has a bundle of AB Testing, analytics and ROI Tracking, automated publishing, brand tracking, calendar management, campaign analytics, campaign management, and tools for collaboration. Then communication management, competitive analysis, competitor monitoring, compliance management, configurable alerts, contact, and content management.

Wait, this is not the end. Hootsuite features more additional features: conversion tracking, customer engagement, customer segmentation, customizable reports, dashboard, engagement tracking, keyword filtering, keyword tracking, and lead engagement.

And much more important features are available, like:
• Multi-account management
• performance metrics
• post scheduling
• pre-approved content library
• project management
• real-time editing options
• reporting and analytics
• reputation management
• response management
• sentiment analysis
• social media integration
• social media monitoring
• social promotion
• task management
• trend analysis
• website analytics and last but not the minor workflow management.

These are all the features of Hootsuite.

Categories of Publer vs Hootsuite

According to our research and analysis, Publer solely falls under the social media management category.
But, Hootsuite falls under several categories such as brand management software, collaboration software, competitive intelligence software, content marketing software, customer engagement software, customer experience software, marketing analytics tool, reputation management software, social CRM tools, social media analytics tools, social media management software, social media marketing software, social media monitoring software, social networking software, social selling software, and lastly web analytics software.

Pricing Differences Between Publer vs Hootsuite

The first pricing difference between Publer and Hootsuite is that Publer starts with a Free Account, whereas Hootsuite begins with a low-priced Professional account but they offer a free plan also. Let us know about the pricing of both the tools in detail.

Publer Pricing Plans

1. Free Account Plan
Three social accounts you can add. You can not add more than three accounts in the free version. Then you can not add additional members. You can save 50 pending posts for scheduling. And save 25 drafts in the free version. It will also show the history of the past 24 hours. You can check out the Publer free plan.

2. Argentum or Silver Account Plan
Argentum is the most popular paid account plan of Publer. There is a catch, the minimum number of social media accounts and team members is five. But if you want to add more, then the pricing will increase. You can also have a seven days trial in the Argentum account plan. Argentum account plan pricing starts at 10 USD a month. There are also some limitations and exciting unlimited services in the Publer Argentum Plan.

3. Aurum or Gold Account Plan
Aurum is also called the golden service of Publer; you have the pleasure of all the features in one place. All the features of the free version, Argentum version plus more new things. The pricing starts from 20 USD a month, and you can also have a 14 days trial in the Aurum account plan. There are also some limitations and exciting unlimited services in the Publer Aurum Plan.

Hootsuite Pricing Plans

1. Professional Account Plan
The Professional account service starts from 19 USD a month. There are some core features, such as only one user can have access. With ten social media accounts, you can schedule as many posts as you want. And access the messages in one inbox, which is genuinely beneficial. You can also have a free trial of 30 days.
There are some additional essential features in the Hootsuite professional account plan.

2. Team Account Plan
The price of the Team account plan on Hootsuite is 99 USD a month. Three users can have access to it—twenty social media accounts. And you can schedule unlimited posts, then all the messages in just one inbox.
You can also have a free trial of 30 days.
There are some more additional vital features in the Hootsuite Team Account Plan.

3. Business Account Plan
The price of the Business account plan on Hootsuite is 599 USD a month. The user limitation is more than five—thirty-five social media accounts. The best part is you can schedule an unlimited amount of posts. Just like Team Account Plan, you can assign the posts and comments to your team members.
Well, here, you don’t get the 30 days free trial option. Instead, something more extraordinary is here. You can rather request a full demo for your business, which is truly unique.

There are many more important facts and features in the Hootsuite Business Account Plan.

4. Enterprise Account Plan
Well, in Hootsuite, we believe that this is the most excellent paid plan ever. In this Enterprise account plan, you can customize your solutions to your own business needs. This means you customize and select whatever is needed for your business. This plan is truly a blessing for many users. Check to know more about Hootsuite Enterprise Account Plan.

So, Which Is Best For Your Business, Publer or Hootsuite?

After our deep analysis, we have come to a conclusion or answer to this question. Publer is best for organizations between one to two hundred users. Whereas, we believe that Hootsuite is best for organizations with one to one thousand plus users.

So you can understand the difference and solution to your question.

What Do Users Say About Publer?

1. Publer is very easy to use.
2. The dashboard is clean and attractive according to the users.
3. They also have a mobile app, which is truly a blessing for the users.
4. Users are happy that even in the free version, you can integrate with Canva, which is fantastic!
5. Via Publer one can integrate with Google My Business, and users love this.
6. According to people’s votes, we found out that Publer saves a massive amount of time for the users.

What Do Users Say About Hootsuite?

1. According to the users, the best part about Hootsuite is that one can connect with their prospects from here.
2. Launching paid campaigns is the easiest thing to do here.
3. People say that Hootsuite is the best Freemium tool.
4. The calendar planner is a blessing.
5. Very easy to organize.
6. The analytics are just so perfect, according to the users.

What Is Our Recommendation About Publer?

We would highly recommend you use Publer if you are new in the business world. But remember one thing, without social media advertisement running a business is challenging. Social Media Management can seem a bit confusing or time-consuming to you at the beginning of your journey. We mean it is very difficult.

So if your business is small, the team is comparatively tiny, then yes, you can genuinely go for Publer. Moreover, there is a free version. So, yes, why not use Publer as a small business in the beginning.

What Is Our Recommendation About Hootsuite?

First things first, you already know that you can do a lot of stuff in Hootsuite. An abundance of features and services are available. And if your budget is stable and well, you have a big team, and the workload is heavy; then we highly recommend you to go for Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a lifesaver for the more prominent and larger companies.

Final Verdict for Publer VS Hootsuite

When it comes to social media management tools, there is tough competition going on between Publer vs Hootsuite. Both are doing fantastic jobs from their side. Users of both tools appreciate the tools. We recommend you to use the one which is suitable for you, your budget, and your business.

Publer is best for small to medium size business.
Hootsuite is individual to large business online.