What Is Publer?

Publer is one of the best social media management tools in the industry. Now, where digitalization is booming, where businesses are all mostly handled online, content is the “HeartBeat” of the company. Why? We all know it. Because without posting content, how will a business tell their message to everyone?

Okay, so if you are a business owner, where you have to post daily content to all of your social media channels, you know it’s hard work. Right? Collaborating, scheduling, analyzing, posting content. So much to do in Social Media Management.

This is why we are here to tell you about the best tool, which will take the pain away from your shoulder for social media management. And that is Publer.

With this single tool Publer, you can do all of your social media management tasks in one place. All the automated functions of bulk scheduling, posting, location tagging, shortening URLs, best analytics, and loads more are here for you in Publer, which can save a lot of time for you.

For Whom Is Publer For?

1. Anyone who has a small business.
2. Anyone who has a large business.
3. Any website owners who need to publish bulk and daily content.
4. Anyone who takes their work seriously and wants success in their business will use Publer for their social media management.

So you see, ultimately, if you want success with your business, reduce your time managing content the whole day long, and focus on other things of the company, then Publer is what you need.


Top 10 Features of Publer

1. Auto-Publishing
2. Collaboration Tools
3. Content Management
4. Multi-Account Management
5. Post-Scheduling
6. Reporting and Analytics
7. Social Media Monitoring
8. Unlimited Media Storage for Videos and Photos
9. Auto-Link Shortener
10. Live Chat Support

Does Publer Offer Free Plan/Free Trial?

Yes, Publer offers a lifetime free plan. Also, you will get a free trial for premium plans. For the Argentum plan, Publer provides a seven days trial. And for the Aurum plan, Publer provides 14 days free trial.

Pricing For Publer

There is a free plan available in Publer. There are some limitations to the free version. Then there is the Argentum plan, which charges 10 USD per month. The most popular plan after that is the Aurum plan, which charges 20 USD per month.

Pros and Cons of Publer


  • Publer always comes up with new updates regularly.
  • The analytics feature can not be compared with any other social media management tool.
  • Very much user-friendly.
  • Can integrate with Canva.
  • The free version is so helpful, and you add 5 accounts.
  • You can connect with many social media accounts per plan.
  • The customer support service is satisfying.


  • Youtube upload limitation is 1GB. But may increase soon as it comes with updates regularly.
  • Publer lets you relax the whole day as you don’t have to worry about social media marketing all the time.


Editor’s Recommendation

We highly recommend you to use Publer because it is highly budget-friendly. We observed that all the other social media management tools in the market charge high prices and have many more irrelevant options. But Publer is something, which is just perfect and everything that someone needs for social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more channels management. We have seen many people using Publer, and when we asked them about their feedback, they said they are in love with Publer. So, if you are looking for the best social media management tool, then go for Publer.