SocialBee SocialBee is a Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based social media management platform that helps companies to manage content, scheduling, marketing, planning, audience tracking, and more via Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. This platform provides the customer’s ability to post content on social accounts, pages, and groups.

Who is SocialBee for?

• Freelancers • Entrepreneurs • Mid-level Business owners • Digital Marketers • Bloggers • Agencies • Authors

Top 10 Features of SocialBee

  1. Category-Based Scheduling– You can attach each post to a specific category so that you can easily schedule posts depending on categories.
  2. Pause Categories– You can pause your normal posting schedule at any time by pausing planned categories.
  3. Re-Queue Posts– Spending too much effort scheduling the same posts again and over is a waste of time. Recycle your most popular content.
  4. Customize for Each Profile– Change each post to reflect the best practices for each network, but keep it linked to the same post.
  5. Post Variations– Make the same content posted on your feeds appear new and updated by making modifications to the same post.
  6. Bulk Editor– Change the status of several postings in the same category at the same time: assign, approve, un-approve, remove, and more.
  7. Expire Posts After several Shares -You can set a limit on how many times a post can be seen before it expires.
  8. Schedule Overview -To make sure you’re posting frequently enough, look at a calendar-like display with the precisely planned posts.
  9. Email Notifications – You may choose to get alerted when a post fails, an import is finished, a category becomes empty, and other changes occur.
  10. See the next posts– Check out all the publications on social media you will be posting in one place in the next several days.

Why do you need SocialBee?

Social media is an important component of your business, especially if you are interested in getting attention and awareness. First of all, the distribution of quality and aesthetically engaging information is a step towards establishing a strong presence on social media. You can establish relationships, loyalty, and trust with your present customers and prospects by creating content. Furthermore, well-written content drives visitors to your website and is an important part of the lead-generating process. This tool can help you to create amazing content. Paying effort not only increases your reach and enables you to distribute your message across many media, but also makes it easier to monitor and meet your budget. Moreover, you can meet some goal criteria. These all tasks become so easy when you use SocialBee. SocialBee team can help you with the initial setup regardless of whether you want to transfer your whole content towards SocialBee or want to start new.

Does SocielBee Offer Free Plan/ Free trial?

Yes, they have a 14-day free trial. No credit card is required for a free trial. Moreover, in all of their packages, they provide a guarantee of 30 days’ money return and top-quality service. For whatever reason, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel.

Pricing for SocialBee

Bootstrap (for authors, coaches & solopreneurs) $19/Mo Accelerate (Best For Startups And Small Businesses) Pro(Best For Freelancers And Agencies)

Pros and Cons of SocialBee

  • SocialBee can publish and schedule automatically on all social media sites. It can save your hashtags and utilize RSS feeds as well.
  • Any type of content plan can be possible with SocialBee
  •  It provides Twitter management to simply find and recognize prospective followers and unfollowers.
  •  The calendar feature suggests the best time to submit a post.
  • Exactly see how each post looks in real-time while editing, on each social network.
  • SocialBee has a Hootsuite connection, so you can post content on your Pinterest boards using SocialBee.
  • You can click on the emoji plugin to get a list of emojis that you can use when writing a new post.
  • SocialBee’s link shorteners work 80%. Sometimes the links do not work.
  • Sometimes beginners face difficulty with where to start. But after some days they can cope up with this tool.
  • The user interface might be a bit perplexing. It’s easy to become lost amongst all the tabs and options, forgetting

Editor’s Recommendation

SocialBee’s features and customer service are outstanding. Its clarity and road mapping are significant plus points. Getting started with SocialBee is simple Onboarding an Assistant takes you through each step of the initial setup process. Utilize your social media accounts to their maximum potential with SocialBee. It will be worth your money.

SocialBee is the highly recommended Social Media Management Tool for Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, and Small Businesses

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