Zym.ai is a powerful marketing tool. It helps business owners with real growth marketing. It provides a platform that puts the power back to the owner that can customize the strategic approach. It offers the advantage that you get all in one option. You can adjust at a time to the specifications to give full marketing. And they all have unreasonable financial commitments and restricting level limitations without penalizing the customers. Zym provides its clients with frequent support and access by certified professionals to excellent resources. From one single platform, you can easily come to know what’s working and what isn’t. You don’t have to spend time and money on numerous platforms by switching between dashboards quickly.

Who needs Zym

  • Digital Marketer
  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneur
  • Agency

Features of Zym.ai

  • Obtaining contact information from the desired brand
  • From a single platform, you can manage all of your social media accounts.
  • Organize your Facebook advertisements
  • Organize your Google advertisements
  • Monitoring the return on investment
  • Access to the Zym Academy
  • Tools that can use for several purposes are available.
  • Discover new possibilities.
  • LinkedIn contacts can reveal.

Does Zym offer a free plan/trial?

Yes, Zym offers a free plan/trial.


Pricing of Zym

Zym Lite
Key marketing tools for finding and discussing with your clients
£150 per month
Perfect for: A smaller business looking for an intelligent platform to handle all their channels and marketing in one place.

Zym Pro
A dynamic tool kit for a large audience to market faster.£299 per month
Perfect for: Businesses who want to power up their marketing with automation and manage multiple strategies from one central dashboard.

Zym Flex
All Zym’s power tools are accessible. Your way, your platform
PAYG (pay as you go)
Perfect for: Businesses who want complete control of their marketing. You control what you turn on, what you turn off, and what you are paying.

Why do you need Zym

  • Zym helps you advertise. It helps to make your market just better
  • Zym is a software solution for marketing. In contrast to other platforms, its completely integrated strategy provides all your business needs to analyze, plan and implement your best marketing from one location.
  • Zym provides you with the tools, structure, and assistance you need to support your company and marketing development.
  • Find the new clients you desire and remain linked to consumers with no long-term expenses or undertakings, all on a single intelligent platform.
  • Their FRECO framework and Digital Marketing Planning Course, which they developed in collaboration with PR Smith and link to SOSTAC, will help you plan, monitor, and optimize your digital marketing outcomes across the whole customer experience.
  • Zym is ideal for agencies for flexible marketing. From identifying potential consumers and marketing their brand to assisting them in converting transactions quickly. Zym gives you complete control over the appropriate tools at the right moment, allowing you to become indispensable to your clients and develop your business your way.

Editor’s recommendation

You have complete control over your business marketing with Zym. With Zym, you can boost your productivity and improve your marketing now. You can use multiple tools using one platform. So, whether you are an individual or an agency, Zym will be the best choice for you.

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